"singing views" a hommage to frida kahlo

canciones de amor, tangos, chansons, poetry by frida kahlo & contemporary dance


travis s (cc)

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simone pergmann dedicates this theatre- evening to the great artist frida kahlo. on stage poetry, contemporary dance and music merge into one. – moments of joy, desperation and lonesomeness arise…word and movement open the space for the music. a landscape with videoinstallations, danced pictures and islands of speech. A highlight for ear and eye.
simone pergmann: vocals, poetry, idea, concept
manfred wambacher: saxophone, clarinet, schalimo
sigrid gerlach- waltenberger:
bernie rothauer:
guitar, percussion
peter fürhapter: bass
mirjam klebel: contemporary dance, choreography
cristina colombo, bernhard jenny: videoinstallation